World food safety day

Bio-security is a priority for Facco

Today is World Food Safety Day , a celebration that draws attention to the importance of food security and all its benefits: health for the population, development of the economy, agriculture, and access to the market. Healthy and safe food is important for our life, our planet, and our future. The safe food we have access to, is secured by the hard work of many who grow, process, transport and sell it.

Facco , on his side, has strongly increased the egg's biosecurity by all means. We pay particular attention to the Danish Room, the area between the entrance of the farm and the inside of the structure where the worker must change into the appropriate clothes and sometimes shower to get rid of every possible form of contamination for the animal.
All the Facco systems pay high attention to the care of the eggs to prevent damages and attacks from external agents: from the places dedicated to laying eggs, to the egg collection system ( in all its details but also in the manure collection and drying system, which is something we are very proud of. The importance of allowing our farmers to deliver safe eggs to the market is a priority for Facco.
The motto of this years is “Safe food for a healthy tomorrow” as the attention to consumption and production of healthy and safe food is important and will have immediate and long-term benefits for the population.

Every year almost 600 million people fall ill because of 200 different types of illnesses caused by food and 42.000 people die due to eating food contaminated by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and chemical substances. These numbers are just a part of reality, considering that data about foodborne illnesses are not available everywhere.
Animal and plant health are critical to agriculture producing enough food to feed the world. The health of animals is important to minimize the risk of zoonotic pathogens (disease-causing organisms that can be transmitted between animals and humans, the recent pandemic of Covid19 was an example of the possible consequences), antimicrobial resistant organisms and more.

From governments to producers and consumers, we all play a fundamental role in making sure the food we consume is safe and healthy. To be responsible and ensure that what we eat is beneficial for our health, we can incorporate these simple actions in our everyday life:
1. Keep our kitchen, cooking surfaces and utensils clean
2. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before preparing food
3. Keep raw food like meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs separated from one to another
4. Refrigerate food within 2 hours of grocery shopping
5. Rinse fruits and vegetables under running water and dry with a clean cloth
6. Keep meat, poultry, and seafood warm (60 degrees or above) between cooking and serving

To learn more about World Food Safety Day 2021 check the link to the World Health Organization website: