Some of our projects

In 1957, FACCO Poultry Equipment planted the seed for a new kind of company that would redefine the role of production of eggs in modern poultry equipment to make its contribution to Food Safety for the planet.
Sixty years later, FACCO Poultry Equipment continues to push the boundaries of what the production of eggs and meat in modern equipment can do for Food Safety. Based on our core values, we see the production of eggs and meat from chickens in our modern equipment is at the core of the solution of a big part of Food Safety, because “all people, at all times, must have physical, social and economic access to sufficient food, safe and nutritious food to ensure their needs and food preferences are met for an active and healthy lifestyle”.

Today we are the world’s largest producer of modern poultry equipment. Our entrepreneurial roots grant us the freedom to pursue the broadest range of ideas and actions, and to lead the way forward. We pioneered the first modern poultry equipment in the world; our system of egg collection, THE NIAGARA , is the system most copied by our competitors; we were the ones to conceive, design and produce the first plant, the largest in the world, with 1 million laying hens in a single shed!