The manure in a poultry installation is often perceived more as a limiting factor than a byproduct. It is smelly and ideal environment for flies and germs development.

This is why Facco believes in the importance of heavy duty reliable systems to transport the manure from the sheds to their final destination either via trucks or conveyors to the stocking area. In Facco's technical solutions, components' quality and efficiency are the main characteristics.

The manure elevator, amply dimensioned, allows the loading of the manure onto special trucks or its transfer to the stocking area. The heavy duty driving unit is specifically designed to be weather resistant.


A horizontal manure belt takes the product from the PPP belts under the cages and transports it to another belt elevator placed at 90° or in line. Particular attention has been placed in the quality of the belts.


Attention to designing details, choice of best quality raw material, analysis of single installation needs puts Facco in the position to offer manure problem solving solution which work. Facco supplies all drawings needed for the setting up of the relevant civil works.


The manure, thanks to the Facco’s solutions always custom designed, is automatically distributed in the store using the whole available space.