Facco Mechanical Engineering Production

Thanks to FACCO’s multidisciplinary team, consisting of highly qualified engineers, designers, planners, consultants, managers and in-house ZOO-VETERINARY specialists with diverse backgrounds worldwide in poultry farming, supporting Poultry Livestock and the Poultry processing industry, we have studied the client’s applications and put forward an optimized cost-effective solution. In FACCO's Group of companies, we design and manufacture ENGINEERING CUSTOMISED -TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS for the production of eggs and meat with the best high quality performance and high standards of health and hygiene which can be adapted to all climatic conditions on all continents.

Our full capabilities

- Turnkey projects to produce eggs and broiler meat
- Prefabricated Houses in any dimension
- Pullets Installations
- Layers Installations
- Broilers Installations
- Parents Stock Installations
- Feeding System
- Eggs Conveyor
- Silos
- Manure removal
- Watering system
- Heating system
- Ventilation system
- Air inlet system
- Electrical system
- Alarm system
- Lighting system
- Computer Control system
- After-Sales services at your Premises