FACCO Ventilation and Cooling systems for poultry houses is designed, thanks to the diverse worldwide background of in-house poultry farming specialists and Facco’s multidisciplinary ENGINEERING team, to ensure an optimum house climate, supplying fresh air to birds, removing the heat added by bird body heat and by solar radiation, thus maintaining precise control of the environment in different climate conditions on all the continents.


Facco's TUNNEL Ventilation System general features

Over 50 years experience accrued by carrying out ventilation system in all parts of the world has made Facco's way of setting up Tunnel ventilation unique in the design and especially in the composition of the control systems. By combining a pressostatic and a thermostatic control excellent results can be achieved also in climates where there is a high thermal excursion and to combine to the best winter and summer ventilation.


COMBI TUNNEL general features

Whenever in presence of very severe winter conditions Facco's developed and carried out successfully a Combi system which in the winter phase allows to control the entrance/exit of the air as to preserve the internal conditions to the most.


CROSS FLOW Ventilation general features

In special climatic/environmental conditions and in presence of narrow and very long sheds Facco has developed a special cross flow ventilation.


Others solutions

The ventilation systems shown in these pages are just some of the most popular systems used by Facco. The vast experience accrued over the years allow us to adapt the ventilation system to the specific needs or restrictions of a particular farm. Facco's R&D will be pleased to illustrate You other personalized solution to suit Your peculiarities.