We Research

Our success is built on more than 60 years of innovation and commitment to the Poultry Breeders, layer hens, broiler and one-day-old chickens.
We focus on what we do best: developing management systems in breeding poultry for the production of eggs and meat with the best high quality performance and high standards of health and hygiene, adapted to all climatic conditions on all continents.
This total capability permits FACCO Poultry Equipment to develop the latest generation of management systems of poultry productions, through its high level of system integration, thus meeting the most demanding current and future operational requirements.

How we test our products

Built to last
Thanks to the team that works in our testing laboratory we can guarantee a long life of all the housing system parts. Through our special machinery we are able to simulate the daily usage under normal conditions. This is another reason why you should trust us and the reliability of our products and our services.

If you have any questions about our products that are not covered in our website, or suggestions about new products, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback. This information is very useful to us. Often the best products are introduced to us by our customers.

Implement knowledge

For sixty years FACCO Researches have been contributing in many scientific innovations that have resulted in suitable products that satisfy the requirements of all our customers: poultry breeder, layer hens, broilers and one-day-old chickens.
FACCO Poultry Equipment believes in investing in Production and Automation Technology in order to offer the widest range of solutions for both current and future customer needs.
Facco invests heavily into research and development of advanced technologies and its goal is to provide continuous product improvement through the application of technology that provides a great benefit to our customers.