Libera Deck

The LIBERA DECK cage free system was born as the latest evolution within the Facco world of Layer systems, with the goal of spatial in terms of operator management. This involves a spatially enhanced and above all highly flexible environment: indeed, the system can be completed with the addition of various accessories.

The system is built on three levels, with a pyramid structure which facilitates inspections, combined with the possibility to maximise the liveable area increasing available surfaces. In fact, thanks to the expansion of horizontal areas, the surface area available for breeding has been exponentially increased. This stimulates a freer movement of the hens inside the system, without interfering with accessibility features.
Thanks to its modular construction, it can be configured either in a single or double row joined by an intermediate bridge module (the measurements of this can be customised according to the size of the shed) with a manure removing system that keeps it clean. The highquality eggs are produced in compliance with currently effective laws, keeping in mind the increasing consumer demand for high quality eggs laid by hens bred in cage free systems.

Catalogue and technical details