How we bring your Farm to you

There is a continuous flow of goods being loaded on trucks and containers to be sent to different parts of the world.
The imposing mass of products and goods that are required to carry out various farms and works that Facco manufactures around the world must be managed with precision by reducing it to a minimum margin of error with optimal creativity.

These goods must be adequately and properly installed in order to fulfil to their greatest ability. Plant maintenance is a key point of their profitable use, training users, and assisting them with an efficient network of after-sales services which are always present in other FACCO'S aspects.

We take care of your goods

Our Packaging is studied to protect your goods from the many different static and dynamic forces to which they are subjected during transport, handling and storage operations. The goods frequently also require protection from climatic conditions, such as temperature, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation, which require "inward packaging measures" in addition to any "outward packaging measures".