A History of Continuous Growth

  • 1 million laying hens in a single shed
    ...the first largest plant in the world!

Our mission

Since 1957, Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour Luigi Finco outlined a scientific vision for OFFICINE FACCO Research & Innovation Technology; he saw the production of eggs and meat from chickens in our modern equipment at the center of the solution of a part of the Food Security. Facco has always believed that quality can only be guaranteed by a highly industrialized and efficient manufacturing process. Facco has invested in this over the years, and today is the most innovative and environmentally compatible among the manufacturers within the industry.

60 years of experience in serving customers around the World

Officine Facco - Atlanta Expo 1985

Atlanta Expo 1985

Officine Facco - VIV Asia 2019

VIV Asia 2019

Facco, a leading player on the global market for over 60 years with a full range of cutting edge poultry systems , combines metalworking, livestock and electronic know-how. It has always developed product evolutions anticipating market transformations, thanks to the strong expertise developed in more than 70 countries and being in close contact with its customers. Specialised in Turnkey solutions , Facco works alongside you, firstly in the design and construction stage (poultry equipment, from the sheds to the batteries), then in the analysis and operation of the systems through the most advanced technologies developed with a view to achieve the total integration of every element. Smart Farm avails of innovative farm control systems as well as an assistance service that includes analysis and Business Intelligence activities. In fact, for over a decade, the remote-control feature has represented the driver of innovation and our orientation toward the Industry 4.0.