Evaporative PAD cooling systems and High Pressure Fog System

During the summer, the most important thing that Facco Tunnel Ventilation system with Evaporative PAD cooling or High Pressure Fog does, is to remove heat from the poultry house, providing the best environmental conditions and birds’ welfare to poultry flocks in order to have a great bearing on flock performance with best feed consumption and more profitability.

Evaporative PAD cooling System

The temperature reduction is obtained through the evaporation of the water soaking the panel. The quality of the raw material is clearly essential to the efficiency of the system, this is why Facco utilizes only high quality panels which ensure high efficiency and longer lasting. The system is normally completed with all accessories: bearing structures, drains, distribution pipes pumps filters fiberglass tanks but it can also be supplied as per Customer's request. The cooling panels are placed in the shed according to the type of ventilation.


High Presure Fog Cooling System

Based on climatic conditions, water quality and availability a high pressure nozzle can be efficiently used with different types of ventilation. Facco's developed a 3 stages system to control the quantity of water nebulized at constant or variable pressure. Also in this case Facco supplies all the equipment needed and its fittings such as variable pitch nozzle lines, high pressure pumps, filters.