We don't like it virtual!

Facco recently welcomed a selection of new and existing customers to dedicated live streaming into the most interesting details of our projects and succesfull farms.

"We don't like it virtual!" This was the main objections that came out when we were trying to find new ways to be close to our customers and people around the world, while Covid was keeping us apart. We didn’t like the word virtual as it portrayed something cold, not really happening.

Facco is hot stuff, we are Italians, you might agree with that!

We are passionate about what we do, and always do it at our best. So we first made sure all of our customers where safe and fine with what they needed: we gave more energy to our Service and Spare Parts department, reinforcing its capillarity around the world. Then we decided to welcome a selection of our existing customers, but also new ones, to dedicated live streaming into the most interesting details of our projects.

Periodically we take them into the spaces of existing and succesfull Farms, to let them see by near our systems and explain how they work. It’s a mutual growth: they know more of the innovation we are introducing and at the same time learn how to enhance their business.

Of course that wasn’t enough! As we said… we are Italians: we want more! So we also found the way to maintain our traditional appointments with our team, sharing moments of work and fun with the tools that are available and that allowed us to feel Stronger Together!