Facco: new ways of being connected with you

The pandemia closed the borders, cancelled flights but it never stopped Facco or kept us away from the market.

From our headquarter and through a deep connection with our hubs worldwide, we kept developing new products finding also new ways of being present and near to our global partners with different tools or through alternative channels. The effort of improving ourselves everyday is one of the most important assets of our Company. It all revolves around you and your needs. With such a goal, part of our DNA, and such a stop in mobility, we had to find and explore new ways to enhance proximity and service. For that reason, we truly used the time we had during lockdown to organize webinars (successfully joint by hundreds of friends, current and future customers) to show our latest solutions. Among these, we went in depth with the topics of Biosecurity, very interesting in pandemic times but also vital for the industry, and we analysed the managing of the Farm for conventional/cage or alternative/cage free systems.
Facco, as you know, is globally present with direct branches or local representatives, so even during the pandemic and in these days we are always close to our customers no matter what. If and when it is not possible in person, thanks to our Smart Farm division, we are able to monitor and manage from remote the farms, giving a fundamental support even for the smallest needs. We are implementing new ways of remote training for our partners and to test run the installed equipment, just to give you some figures: during the last 4/5 months more than 60 farms have been commissioned to our specialized teams from remote and more than 500 hrs have been spent from our technical teams for training the farm personnel or to consult the farm managers how to use our systems as ventilation and cooling or the electronic part of our installations.
Among the webinars and virtual tours we attended also some digital fairs, we just closed successfully Elo France last week and others are coming up, and we will keep you posted about new events, so stay tuned with all the next initiatives through our social channels and website.
The virtual tour of Facco equipped existing farms for example has been much appreciated from many customers to see and to collect precious info about the best practices for using at the best our equipment.
Of course, the goodness of face to face meeting cannot be replaced from any other experience, which we know is truly part of our product, but we are convinced that we all must learn from this event and improve our communication and our support towards you continuously, whatever it takes!