Inauguration of a BIO Poultry Farm

Facco brings to life your ideal poultry farm. The BIO poultry system made by Facco allows the animal to move in total freedom in the system and outside the shed scratching in the dedicated area. Furnished with state-of the-art Facco equipment in terms of technologies for the control and the management of the entire system thanks to Smart Farm solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings thanks to the optimal management of resources of the plant.

Here are the words expressed by Laura Finco, the day of the inauguration.
Dear Sirs,

on behalf of my father, President of our company, my family and all Officine Facco staff, I would like to express a great feeling of closeness and satisfaction towards you who have given us the opportunity to be partners in this project.
Partner and not supplier, this is what we would like to be: an integral part of the supply chain that together generates value.

Working in food, as eggs are, is a great responsibility.
People rightly want to know what they are eating, and they want to eat healthier and healthier.

The relationship with animals is also increasingly evolving, and a balanced way of farming is also in our goals.
We travel and work all over the world. We do plants from Brazil to America, to Arab countries, to Russia, to Japan, to China, to Australia.
But this project is important for us because in your family we met all the attentions and sensitivities that we have and that we think are correct: for the health of people, for a proper respect for animals, for an attention to the environment we live in.

And, I assure you, it is always a great thrill to do something in our beautiful Italy. We travel the world, but this is one of the most beautiful place!

Thank you for your trust.
We will try to be good fellow travelers for you!