Inaugurated a new project Libera Cage Free in Latvia

We inaugurate a new project in Latvia: two sheds equipped with our Cage Free system Libera for SIA Aluksne, one of the oldest and most important egg producers of the country.
Aluksne has been operating since 1961 and this year the company celebrates its 60th anniversary.
To commemorate the important milestone, they partnered with Officine Facco to realize a turnkey project installing our Libera Cage Free system on two sheds for a total of 250.000 animals. The project arises from the strong relationship between the client and Facco. Together we attentively studied and developed a solution that embodies innovation and development on the cage free systems.
Facco’s Libera system
is an alternative system born to answer the increasing demand of high quality eggs laid in cage free systems.
The system combines accessibility and flexibility and follows the customer’s necessities assuring the maximum use of available space.
Libera’s innovative design is expressed in all of his components from the feeding and drinking system, to the lighting and the egg collector.
It was an honor to partner with SIA Aluksne and carry out this remarkable project based on a strong bond of esteem and friendship. We look forward to future collaborations and projects together.