Case History; Turnkey Project

The experience and history of the Quaresima family.

Their Farm is based in Northern Italy. Since 1960 three generations have led this successful business, which nowadays counts 150 thousand laying hens living cage free on three floors, with an overall production of 42 million eggs per year.
With a reduced environmental impact in terms of energy saving and land consumption, the Quaresima Farm is the perfect example of a Facco Turnkey project. From the Shed to the Manure Drying System (for the fast drying of the manure significantly stopping fermentation); from the internal cleaning systems (which cut the costs of management) to the SMART FARM remote control (which allows to enhance the performances of the farm while controlling it even from home) … everything was MADE IN FACCO for the success of our customer and the wellbeing of his hens.

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