We love our planet! Facco's geothermal heating system

At Facco we’re committed in doing our part for the health of our planet, starting from our everyday life at the office!

In 2018, our company switched to geothermal system in order to have a greener, more efficient and sustainable air conditioning, which benefits our health and our planet, as geothermal energy allows us to reduce emissions of CO2, fine dust and other pollutants.
The geothermal system uses the natural heat from the subsurface for heating/cooling buildings and producing hot water.

The air conditioning system consists of:


Water flows inside the probes, which during winter time collects heat from the ground and brings it to the heat pump; during summer time, on the other hand, the heat from the environment is dissipated to the ground.

Heat pumps collect heat from the ground by piping it into offices, with significantly less environmental impact than conventional systems. The system is quiet and is a safe, nonflammable source of exhaust gas.

Heat or cold emissions inside the offices are made by radiant panels on the ground floor and ceiling on the second floor. Air exchange is achieved by controlled mechanical ventilation units equipped with dehumidifiers to control the humidity of the air itself. The temperature control system is divided into 9 independent zones controlled by a home automation system that ensures maximum comfort in all seasonal conditions. Each office can be managed independently by air conditioning and air exchange. The geothermal system ensures a comfortable environment, pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer, using environmentally friendly technology.