World Egg Day 2022

Today, October 14th 2022, we celebrate World Egg Day!

Every year on the second Friday of October, the world celebrates our beloved eggs! This year's theme "Eggs for a better life" celebrates the egg as a source of health benefits for humans and the planet.

Did you know that eggs are full of benefits in many ways?

-The egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals and 6g of protein, making it a perfect ally for health and growth at all ages.
-Key ingredients include Choline which supports brain development and functioning, Vitamin A for eye, skin and immune system health, and Vitamin D which regulates bone health. The proteins contained within the egg are essential for strengthening and repairing tissues.
-Eggs are a low environmental impact protein, comparable to that of some plant-based food. They are accessible to all populations of the world and their production is a source of income for many families.

Facco is happy to be able to contribute to this positive impact through commitment and constant research to allow the production of qaulity and reliable eggs.