Case History Uzbekistan

New Turnkey project realized in Uzbekistan. For our client Mr. Nemat we realized a 360° solution which comprehend the P80 system with 70k pullets and the traditional system C3 with 180k laying hens.
Facco has a long and consolidates experience with the traditional systems which are still very popular in the area.
The client has been present in the poultry sector for more than 40 years and the experience matured allowed to recognize the quality and value of the systems utilized. The simplicity of use, the great management of the of the ventilation and cooling system and the productive performances raised the enthusiasm of the client for the project.
The ventilation and cooling system handled with care the summer weather in Uzbekistan, adapting independently to the external temperatures. The autonomy of management of the system has been appreciated also for the feeding system. It needs to be adjusted just once according to the characteristics required by the client and after that the distribution of the feed is automatic without the need of continuous assistance from the operator.
The client is very satisfied of the eggs production as well which reached 164k eggs produced daily for a total of 60 Million eggs produced every year.
Facco is glad to collaborate in the realization of this new project and happy of the feedback received. Thanks to the team of Facco Uzbekistan for the great work which proves once again how Facco’s activity is recognized and appreciated in the area.
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